Our Classes


Both Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu and Shinkage Ryu are technical martial arts where students focus on structured sword techniques to demonstrate control of the sword and mind. The journey is a personal one and maturity of mind and focus are more important than physical fitness making it accessible to all.

Classes contain solo practice (waza) and set paired techniques (kumitachi) our style does no contain 'freestyle' combat nor do we train with live edge weapons (shinken). 

Additional activities in complimentary arts are offered when and where available only under qualified instruction. 


Classes cost £8.00 per session


​Initially you'll only need loose clothing, a bokken (wooden sword) will be provided at the class.

As you progress you'll need to consider purchasing the following items:

  • ​Shitagi set (Iaido Gi and undershirt);
  • Hakama (pleated trousers);
  • Obi (belt);
  • Knee pads;
  • Bokken;
  • Saya (scabbard); and
  • Sageo (fastening cord).

​Eventually you may also want to purchase an Iaito (blunt edge katana).