About us

We are a traditional Dojo teaching Japanese Martial Arts in Great Yarmouth Norfolk we study the style of Japanese swordsmanship known as


Taught by Sensei Roy Bradford

Roy has been training in martial arts for almost 40 years and has travelled to Japan and around Europe learning and training in several styles and with various teachers.

In 2000 after reading in a martial arts magazine that Iwata Norikazu Hanshi  of the Roshukai Japan,had recently held a seminar in the UK, he contacted  one of the organisers named Brian Morrison who invited him to attend the next seminar they were holding in Nottingham, it was at this seminar that Roy became a student of Sensei Morrison and continued to train with him as often as he could, in 2007 he gained his Shodan at a national seminar in Darlington.

After Sensei Morrison passed away in 2016 Roy decided that he needed to go it alone and find an organisation which would give him the opportunity to expand his knowledge of Eishin Ryu and also give access to other Ryuha, so in 2019 he joined the Japanese Budo Association under Sensei Asano Yasuhito, Menkyo Kaiden of Eishin Ryu and Yagyu Shinkage Ryu, and is now the First instructor in the UK of this association, Helped by Sempai Chris Prettyman who has been training with Roy for the last 15 years and who travelled to Japan  with Sensei Morrison to train under Iwata Sensei