Great Yarmouth & Lowestoft

Iaido or Iaijutsu is the Japanese martial art of drawing and cutting with the Katana or Japanese longsword.
The Kenshinkan Dojo in Belton near Great Yarmouth has been established for about 20 years and is Taught by Sensei Roy Bradford, We are the first UK Dojo to become part of the Japanese Budo Association under Sensei Asano who holds Menkyo kaiden in Eishin Ryu and Shinkage Ryu schools.
This Martial Art is suitable for all ages and any fitness level, the training is tailored to the individual skill level so you should never feel out of your depth. 
The Kenshinkan Dojo teaches Eishin Ryu and holds a study group for Shinkage Ryu.
We also have another group who train under us in Lowestoft and can be found under the name Heiwana Kokoro No Ken.

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Classes at the 

Moorlands Primary acadamy

Moorland Way, 


Great Yarmouth 

NR31 9PA

Opening hours 

Thursdays 7.00pm - 9.00pm