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Our Club

We are affiliated members of the Japanese Budo Association teaching the Japanese art of Iaijutsu (sword drawing techniques) as taught in Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu which traces its teachings unbroken to Hasegawa Hidenobu (known as 'Eishin' from whom the style derives its name) the 7th Headmaster of the art in 16th Century Japan.

We are also a study group of Kenjutsu (sword techniques) as taught in Shinkage-Ryu a 'koryu' (traditional school) developed by Kamiizumi Hidetsuna to meet the changing face of warfare with the introduction of guns and small skirmishes in place of the traditional pitched field battles.

New students are welcome at any of our classes where we offer a welcoming, friendly, respectful environment with qualified instruction to guide you in the arts of the sword.